You DON'T actually need a crap-tonne of traffic to make a living blogging...

Discover techniques to get more income from your blogsΒ existing traffic & uncover what your blogs earning potential truly is.

how to monetize a website

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πŸ—“ Stacking Your Income Generators
πŸ—£ Small Design Tweaks To Maximize Earnings
😎 The Role of Sponsored Sections, Articles, and Links
🌏 Luring Sponsorships
🍎 Inside The Mind Of a Media Buyer
🧠 When to Tread Carefully
πŸ† My Formula on What To Charge
πŸ“ˆ Why Display Ads Zap Motivation
πŸ™ How to Do Display Ads Right
πŸ€‘ Direct VS Programmatic Ads
⌨️ The Role of Media Agencies
🚨 Waking Up To Paypal Notifications
πŸ’» Types of Digital Products
βš–οΈ Finding High Paying Affiliates
βš–οΈ My 4 Tricks to Finding Advertisers Directly
βš–οΈ The Traffic Myth (bonus)
βš–οΈ Why Traffic INTENT is so important (bonus)

⭐ Practice Your First Pitch (to a real media buyer)
⭐ Sign Your First High Paying Affiliate

I get frustrated when reading about website owners working long thankless hours chasing traffic growth, all so they can make a few hundred dollars from display ads.

Getting traffic is really hard, and it takes a lot of time.

And all for what? A few dollars from some banner ad company for every 1000 visitors you get? πŸ˜₯Β 

The belief that the formula for success online is to battle for years growing your website’s traffic, then to slap on a few ads, drives me nuts.

It frustrates me, and the pursuit of enormous traffic is unforgiving which makes many people give up.

If only they knew that you don’t need large amounts of traffic to make a good income online.

So that’s what I’m here to debunk: You don’t actually need tens of thousands of visitors each month.

We’ll, you do if you are relying on display/banner ads only.

Looks at the examples to the left:

Website A relies solely on display ads and made just $1.60 in July from 1,507 visitors. 😭

Website B made $5,064 from just 879 visitors. 😍

This is thanks to my 10+ years in learning how to monetize websites. I no longer spend my time trying to get to 5000, 10000, or 50000+ visitors each month.

You can make bloody good money from under 1,000 visitors, if you know the tricks to getting every last cent out of your website.

If your struggling with your website because display ads are performing so poorly for you, and you’re loosing motization, then I really hope you sign up for our 7 day free trial today.

It’s jam-packed full of actionable advice you can implement immediately.

What are you waiting for!

See you on the inside.



πŸ‘‹ Introduction

βœ“ Currently on Dashboard

Who Am I?
Why I made this course
My one goal
How can we better serve you?

πŸ†Β What is β€˜Stacking’?

βœ“ Currently on Dashboard

What the Hell is β€˜Stacking’?
How Stacking Multiplies your Income
Real-World Examples
πŸ“ Unit Activity

πŸ₯° Sponsored Sections

βœ“ Currently on Dashboard

The Neglected Money Maker
Make Your Sponsorships Irresistible
Luring sponsorships (Inbound Leads)
What Can You Charge?
πŸ“ Unit Activity

πŸ“ƒ Sponsored Articles

βœ“ Currently on Dashboard

Introduction to Sponsored Articles
Inside the mind of a buyer
Luring Sponsored ArticlesΒ 
What Can You Charge?
A Word of Warning
πŸ“ Unit Activity

πŸ”— Sponsored Links

βœ“ Currently on Dashboard

Introduction to Sponsored Links
My Formula on What to Charge
The Backlink Money Snowball
Once Again, A Word of Warning
πŸ“ Unit Activity

πŸ₯° Sales 101

βœ“ Currently on Dashboard

Selling Sponsored Sections
Selling Sponsored Articles

🚌 Introduction to Display Banners

βœ“ Currently on Dashboard

F*ck Display Banners!
Introduction to Display Banners
Banner Ad Sizes
Getting Every Last Dollar from Display Ads

🀝 Display Banners: Direct Sales

βœ“ Currently on Dashboard

Overview of Direct Sales
Site Requirements for Direct Sales
The Role of Media Agencies

😈 Display Banners: Programmatic Sales

βœ“ Currently on Dashboard

The Devil
Battle of the Networks

πŸ” Finding Advertisers

βœ“ Currently on Dashboard

My Four Simple Tips & Tricks
πŸ“ Unit Activity

πŸ‘« Affiliate Links

βœ“ Currently on Dashboard

No Product? No Problem!
Generating Affiliate Sales
Bread & butter links
Finding High Paying Affiliates
πŸ“ Unit Activity

πŸ“§ Email Money

βœ“ Currently on Dashboard

Monetizing your Database
More Subscribers = More Money
eDM Ads
Solus Ads
πŸ“ Unit Activity

πŸ“ Your Advertising Kit

βœ“ Currently on Dashboard

What’s in an advertising kit?
Spec Sheets
πŸ“ Unit Activity

πŸ” It’s Practice Time!

βœ“ Currently on Dashboard

Sell a sponsored post / backlink
Sign a high paying affiliate
Bringing it all together

πŸ”₯ Plus monthly updates

how to monetize a website

PLUS Time-Saving Extras

You’ll also get these worksheets:

Plus these documents & templates:

Discover, explore, and analyse every monetization method available with our hugely popular Website Monetization Audit worksheet. You’ll reveal which monetization methods have the greatest earnings potential for your website.

We reveal just how straightforward it can be to createΒ sponsorship opportunities on your website. Our team has sold sponsorships on everything from blog post categories, to newsletters, to “photo of the day” features. Sponsorship deals can be worth over $10,000 annually when done right, which is why they are a favourite of ours!

Did you know there are nearly 100 types of digital products you can create and sell? If you’re only thinking of eBooks, courses, and templates, you are severly limiting yourself!

Explore every type of digital product in this worksheet and reveal which ones are best for you & your website.

Direct banner sales were my bread and butter for many years. Some deals were $1000, others were $50,000 😍.

This spreadsheet shows exactly how I identified which brands to contact, so I could speak to hundreds of brands per month to close more high value deals.

I’m fully confident you’ll be getting enough sales using our techniques that you’ll need a spreadsheet to keep track of them.

This is the actual spreadsheet I’ve used for years to track my sales so I know my monthly income, and who is due to make payments each month.

About 20% of the students who join Monetization Method simply want to know how much they can charge, for what.

This particular spreadsheet will highlight what you should be charging for each solus email. Not selling solus emails yet? Learn how in Unit 7.

We constantly are asked how much you can charge for a sponsored link.

We’ve graphed the last 150 sponsored links we purchased to show you the relationship between ahrefs domain authority, and the price we negotiated. This will help you know what to charge.

Know what to charge for a sponsored post

We are also constantly are asked how much you can charge for a sponsored post.

You’ll find in your dashboard data on what we have previously paid for over 100 guest posts.

media kit template

Your media kit showcases your blog to potential advertisers, so it pays to spend time making it look good, and that it contains all the vital information a brand needs to plan their media buys. Our media kit template is tried and tested, and is ready for you to download and add your own information and images too.

Our media kit template is created and supplied in Microsoft Word.

rate card template

Your rate card is your single source of truth for all things pricing. It contains banner rates, along with rates for sponsored posts, sponsored links, email banners, competitions, features content, sponsored sections, and any other digital media you sell.

Our rate card template is created and supplied in Microsoft Word.

Your rate card is your single source of truth for all things pricing. It contains banner rates, along with rates for sponsored posts, sponsored links, email banners, competitions, features content, sponsored sections, and any other digital media you sell.

Our rate card template is created and supplied in Microsoft Word.

Learning from others who have been there, done that, is the best way to fast track your success.

When you join the Monetization Method, you can begin to ask all your nagging questions in any of our course units, and we will get back to you with a quick answer you can trust.

how to monetize a website

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The decisions you make in the first few months of owning a website set it income potential trajectory.

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The former scenario is where you can solve problems, and make a greater income.

If you are still growing your website, you need to read our Traffic IntentΒ module as soon as possible!

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Our goal is to make our content digestible, without confusing you. For this reason, you won't find pages of content per class, you'll simply find a concise answer you are looking for, along with examples, and explanations. One of our pet-peeves with the industry is the overload of information, which often contradicts between websites and experts.

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Online Course

+ Coaching Community Access

$297 Earlybird Special


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