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In the field of blogging or running a website, you need to connect with an advertising network to earn money. Google AdSense is a well-known pay per click ads network there. Google has launched this AdSense program in 2003 for the monetization of blogs and websites. This is popular for being a reliable and light weighted tool.  But this is not the only way to make money. There is a list of other tools you can opt to monetize your content.

You can go for various alternatives if you have not got AdSense approval yet or your account is banned. Do not stop here, many solutions are out there. Before breaking down the alternatives lets clear that why you need it.

Why Choose an AdSense Alternative?

Every platform has its own some pros and cons. Google AdSense also has a few disadvantages that make it not so worthy for blogging. Below are some main reasons to choose other compatible and competing networks for ads monetization over the Google AdSense.

Strict Standards:

Google AdSense has been marking up some limitations and stringent rules. Many metrics must be followed to get approval on your website. That is why a user must find a network with minimal requirements to get ads monetization.

Due to the rigidity, your Google AdSense account can be disabled. For instance, you have clicked mistakenly on your ads and you will be notified because of the violence. While working with AdSense you must be very cautious and attentive.

Thus, look for an easy-going AdSense alternative

Your Share:

AdSense generate 68% of the revenue for the publishers, that is a good amount. But some other worthy networks let you get more of it. As mentioned before that you have to harmonize with the set criteria that also includes high traffic with steadfastness. In contrast, you must approach a network with lax requirements, to begin with.

Customized Ads:

Find a network that facilitates you to adjust the appearance of the ads according to the theme of your website. Although Google AdSense provides this opportunity but again in a very limited way.

Go for the flexible network to customize the dimensions and colours of the ads that are compatible with the present content and theme as well.

Payout Problems:

There is a specific minimum amount up until you can start earning. In the case of Google AdSense, this minimum payout is $100. If you are running a small business website, it will take a bit longer to reach this minimum payout.

Thus, use the other reliable service that demands lesser minimum payout.

Enhanced Revenue:

Increase your earning by following a companionship. Yes, the grand idea is not to replace but a companion with a service that can work along with AdSense. Henceforth you can easily enhance the revenue while remaining within the terms of service acquired by AdSense.

So, these are some big reasons behind using the alternatives. Let’s explore these.

The Best AdSense Alternatives

Have a look at some alternatives to diversify your income streams. These additional streams will let me you know how to further m ok monetize the blog or website.

For the contextual ads this network bis leading one. Bing and Yahoo are required to run this advertising. You can consider it a competitive network over AdSense.

This is providing a wide range of offers like native and display ads for your mobile and desktop with minimal effort. Here you can earn the same way as from AdSense.

Here you need to design a professional content that engages the audience. This how you can maximize your revenue in the search market. The approval for requires mostly Canada, UK, and US-based visitors. is highly considered as compared to the AdSense because of the features, payout rate, and quality.


This the fast-growing network that offers monetization for old and new blogs as well. You can easily use the pop-under ads that appear when you close the current browser window.

If you find these ads inappropriate to your blogs, PropellerAds allows the other ads. You can easily generate targeted or non-targeted ads for the desktop. These may include banners, videos, or any native ads. This ads platform is also serving a range of other adverts including push notifications and sponsored links. This will let you chase the 1 billion visitors.

Through PropellerAds, you can estimate real-time performance and improve the campaigns accordingly.

This platform is a great start for new blogs. The most interesting thing is no minimum requirement as site traffic. Your account will be activated as soon as you create it. The payout rate is amazingly $5 and gets it monthly through PayPal.


The Adversal is one of the superb self-serving advertisement platforms. You must consume only a few minutes to set up the ads. You can stop, pause campaigns with no hassle due to its smaller interface. That is why it is known to be intuitive to use.

After setting all up, leave it on its own to perform further. The minimum requirements of this ads platform are your site have at least 50000 reviews in a month, not have login restriction, and have own domain name.


This advert platform gives you a chance to set up the native ads as you desire. Whatever the blog theme is, you can design the ads to match the feel of your content. These targeted ads blend in on your site. Through Revecontent, multiple ads’ formats like video, mobile, and display can be generated.

It demands the exceptional customers on advertiser end and publisher end as well. So, your blog or site must have a lot of visitors or ads hit. In this way, you can easily attract the advertisers who are ready to pay a high commission.

To get approval, your blog or site must have valuable content and 50000 visitors per month. However, high engagement rates are promising. The minimum payout rate is a minimum of $50, and you will be paid monthly.

Amazon Native Shopping Ads

Amazon affiliate program has been used by bloggers and website holders for additional revenue. But Amazon Native Shopping Ads are known as the next-level network to generate higher revenue after monetizing the website.

Just like AdSense, it also works contextually. You can display the related products according to keywords and site content.

You will get the reward as the commission when a user purchases the product after clicking the as on your blog.

In the world of e-commerce, Amazon is known as the top-notch site because of the highest conversion rate than any other competitor. With a very small effort, you can enhance the traffic and conversion rate to get good revenue.


This platform benefits your e-commerce business hugely. Because here you do not need to be worried about the setting of the affiliate links. This introduces an automated affiliation of your content on e-commerce site. You just need to be attentive about the content generation.

This tool amazingly adds up the novel and updated the commerce strategies also including social media, mobile, your website and, email as well.

One of the great attractions to this platform is that Skimlinks provides direct access to a global market of 50 in-demand partners and approx. 48500 merchants. You can also apply for the Preferred Partner Program to approach the merchants who willingly offer some special rewards to the Skimlinks.


InfoLinks holds a break marketing strategy by sending engaging messages to the users. This platform offers you to customise the ads without fussing any feature of your website or blog. You get the chance to place the ads uniquely to enhance the click-through rate.

Using smart algorithms, you can set the Info link to determine the content relevance and put the ads accordingly at the appropriate time.

InfoLinks is easy to integrate into your website within no time. Up to more than 100,000 websites in 128 countries are supported by this platform.

Hence, these are some top platforms that can be a great alternative of Google AdSense with little input and great reward.

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