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Curious about how much money other bloggers are making?

You’re not alone! That’s why blogging income reports are so popular. Every month our team here at the Monetization Method looks for the best new ways to monetiHere’s the list of successful bloggers and their income reports your traffic so we can update the content in our courses. As part of this research, we collect income reports from the past 5 years and publish them below.

For the more interesting income reports, we request a one-on-one interview with the blogger to do a deep dive into what they have learnt on their blogging journey, and what they would like to teach new bloggers about monetizing their traffic.

Here’s the list of successful bloggers and their income reports:

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WebsiteLinkFounderInterviewMonthly IncomeDate ReportedPrimary Monetization MethodNiche
Imperfect Idealist soon£770.00December 2020Affiliate incomeTravel
The Bettered Blondie soon£7,115.00October 2020AdvertisingCooking
Finsavvy Panda soon£37,689.00April2021Affiliate incomeBlogging
Monica Lent soon£6,212.00January 2021Community membershipsTechnology
Guitar and lace soon£7,723.00January 2021Affiliate incomeHome decor
Swift Salary soon£5,450.00March 2021Advertising
It's Claudia G soon£2,761.00October2020AdvertisingLifestyle
Fork in the Road soon£2,078.00January 2021AdvertisingCooking
In the Kitchen with Matt soon£2,992.00September 2020AdvertisingCooking
Chelsea Joy Eats soon£789.00March 2021Advertising (Mediavine)Cooking
Cassies Croggins soon£7,941.00November 2020Advertising (AdThrive)Blogging
Practical Wanderlust & JeremyComing soon£10,000.00February 2021Advertising (Mediavine)Travel
By Laura Iancu soon£246.00September 2020Affiliate incomeBlogging
Easy Blog Emily soon£2,159.00July 2020ServicesBlogging
Nomad Numbers soon£206.00March 2021Affiliate incomeTravel
Create and Go and LaurenComing soon£103,997.00April 2021CoursesBlogging
Midwest Foodie soon£24,716.00April 2021Advertising (AdThrive)Cooking
Living off Cloud soon£5,075.00January 2021Advertising (Ezoic)Multiple
Blog Ambitious https://blogambitious.comVictoriaComing soon£13,485.00December 2020Affiliate incomeBlogging
Monetization Method soon£50.00May 2021CoursesBlogging
SmartFood soon£600.00May 2021Affiliate incomeCooking
One Hour Professor soon£10,321.00March 2021Affiliate incomeBlogging
Bloggers on the Rise soon£12,639.00March 2021Advertising (Mediavine)Multiple
Chasing Foxes and GraceComing soon£19,889.00March 2021Advertising (Mediavine)Lifestyle
Yeys soon£55,320.00March 2021AdvertisingMultiple
About Social Anxiety soon£1,354.00March 2021Advertising (Mediavine)Health
Fit Mom Journey soon£7,299.00September 2018Advertising (Mediavine)Health
Minding Minimal soon£1,490.00October 2019Sponsored ContentLifestyle
Affordable By Amanda soon£4,475.00July 2019MuseFashion
Middle Class Dad soon£26,527.00March 2021AdvertisingMultiple
The Firey Vegetarian soon£1,449.00March 2021Advertising (Mediavine)Cooking
Hearts Content Farmhouse soon£4,310.00March 2021Advertising (AdThrive)Cooking
Wallet Squirrel and AdamComing soon£441.00March 2021Advertising (Ezoic)Finance
Freedom in a Budget soon£4,341.00March 2021Affiliate incomeFinance