How to Monetize a WordPress Blog

How To Monetize A WordPress Blog

WordPress is my favourite blogging platform. I’ve tried at least a dozen blogging platforms over the last 20 years, and none make it as easy as WordPress does (feel free to debate this in the discussion below!) I’m often asked how to monetize a WordPress blog, and I feel I am in a good position […]

64 Brand Pitch Email Templates To Copy/Paste

brand pitch email templates

If you’re an influencer or blogger who is ready to monetize your following, brand pitch emails are a great way to introduce yourself. They can be the first real introduction of what you have in store for brands and create mutually beneficial partnerships that boost sales while allowing bloggers like yourselves make a living from […]

12 About Me Page Templates & Examples to Steal

Most blogs will have an About Me page of some sort. An about me page is a great way to show your personality and share more information with readers. It can also be an important tool for building audience engagement. In this blog post, we will discuss the sections of an about me page and […]

How to Make Money on WordPress

how to make money on wordpress

We are (literally) asked dozens of time every week questions about how to make money on WordPress. Since WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms, it comes as no suprise that this is what we are being asked. The problem is, it’s not a simple question to answer. The best way for you […]

A Compilation of Advice for New Bloggers (Updated Often)

advice for new bloggers

Recently we asked established bloggers what they would tell themselves, if they could go back to Day 1 and start their blog again. We’ve categorized and published their answers below. This post is updated frequently, and if you would like to contribute, please send your advice to us using our Google Form. Advice on Getting […]

Interview with Digital Nomads John and Alicia

Meet John & Alicia. John and Alicia met the summer of 2006 in Minnesota and got married November 2009 in Aruba.  The pair discovered early on that they’re good travel companions and enjoy trying new things together. John is an ex professional poker player who got the taste of travel and together with his wife Alicia decided to […]

Interview with Digital Nomad Veronika Fuetterer

When and why did you choose to become a Digital Nomad? In 2008, I discovered travelling for me and felt for the first time in my life very fulfilled being out on the road meeting great people and discover breathtaking spots around the world. I found myself. I realized straight away that I cannot travel […]

Amy – Digital nomad, traveler & creative minx

Todays interview is with Amy from  Amy is a digital nomad, traveller, and self-described “creative minx”. When not exploring the world Amy loves green tea anything, reading, and dancing at music festivals. When and why did you choose to become a Digital Nomad? It was a few years after doing the corporate IT consulting life. I […]

Silvia Puchivska Interview – Blogger and Freelance Marketing Project Manager

This week we speak to Silvia Puchivska – blogger and freelance marketing project manager. Silvia was once based in Copenhagen when making the decision to take a one-year long career break and travel South America. Ever since, Silvia has found it difficult to be based in one place… Can you briefly explain what you do […]


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