Silvia Puchivska Interview – Blogger and Freelance Marketing Project Manager

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This week we speak to Silvia Puchivska – blogger and freelance marketing project manager. Silvia was once based in Copenhagen when making the decision to take a one-year long career break and travel South America. Ever since, Silvia has found it difficult to be based in one place…

Can you briefly explain what you do for a living, how it all began and where you are based? ‬

I am a freelance marketing project manager. I work for small and medium entrepreneurs who need help with their marketing strategies, planning and coordination with different creative and technical contractors.

I worked as a marketing project manager before, but I was based in an office in Copenhagen. I took a one-year long career break and travelled through South America.

This trip has changed my perspective on life.

I discovered that despite the fact that I loved my job, I didn’t want to be based in one place. I started offering my services online and it worked well, so I became location independent.

Now I can work and travel at the same time. I choose the places where I go to based on my curiosity, activities that I love, internet connection and a good value for living.

I don’t have one stable base.

During the last year I was based between 4 places: Copenhagen/Denmark, Bratislava/Slovakia, Puerto Escondido/Mexico and El Tunco/El Salvador.

‪How long have you been travelling and where have you been?

I travelled since I was a child, because my father lived in Spain. When I was at University I spent two summers in New York City, I lived one year in Tenerife and 5 years in Denmark.

However, a real start of my traveller journey happened when I quit my long-term job.

That was 3 years ago. Since than I travelled through 16 countries in South and Central America. I travel a lot in Europe too, but it feels like home there, so it’s not that adventurous. Just last year, I visited NYC after 8 years and it felt great to be back.

‪Can you describe a typical day in your life? ‬

One of the main reasons why I decided to be location independent and have a flexible working schedule is because I started surfing. I love the ocean and if I want to be a better surfer, I have to live somewhere where I can surf. My usual day starts with 1.5 hours of surfing.

I eat good breakfast afterwards and I start to work.

I have different tasks or Skype meetings during the day. In the afternoon, when I’m not too tired or I haven’t surfed that day I practice yoga or I have a pilates class.

Sometimes I work in the evening (depending on the project) or I hang out with friends, visit local/interesting places, or prepare a new content for my blog. When it’s a travel day, I have to be more time and internet cautious, so I try to plan it in advance, but otherwise it’s pretty the same.

‪What are some of the drawbacks about living/working as you do? ‬

One of the drawbacks is that I don’t see my family and “old” friends as often as before. I try to communicate online as much as I can and stay in touch.

Another drawback is being dependent on a good internet connection. Usually the most beautiful places in this planet don’t have any internet connection.

‪Do you have plans to switch back and lead a more regular life in the future? ‬

No plans yet. Life is a journey, so everything can change and I can choose a different direction. One of the most important things of being a “digital nomad” is to be flexible. The same goes for my future plans.

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