Amy – Digital nomad, traveler & creative minx


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Todays interview is with Amy from  Amy is a digital nomad, traveller, and self-described “creative minx”. When not exploring the world Amy loves green tea anything, reading, and dancing at music festivals.

When and why did you choose to become a Digital Nomad?

It was a few years after doing the corporate IT consulting life. I started to hate the rat race and what’s worse – I used to LIKE the rat race. I actually wanted to climb the corporate ladder at one time in my life..until I didn’t. I wasn’t happy waking up every morning to that life.

I remember getting off the metro and going up the long line of escalators to the exit and watching people in penguin suits walk to and from the office. Nobody looked happy, everybody was in a rush with the utmost serious facial expressions.

And for what?!

To work work work and obtain the so-called American Dream? I realized, “this is it, Amy.” If you don’t do anything, if you don’t make a change – this is your life for a long time and can you live with this? Short answer? Hell. No. So I made moves.

Don’t get me wrong, I was travelling 3-4x a year with my 3-4 weeks of vacation but I wanted more in terms of happiness and fulfilment.

It wasn’t enough to work day in and day out looking forward to these little breaks to see the world. I wanted to incorporate adventure, and travel into my life along with work and success to be happy and content.

How do you manage to sustain your travelling lifestyle?

I am a software tester and I prefer to work for remote/distributed companies.

I didn’t prepare financially. I just got rid of everything I owned that I couldn’t bring or didn’t want with me (apartment, furniture, car, closets full of clothes and books, etc). All my sentimentals that I couldn’t sell or donate – I put in boxes and shipped to my parents in storage.

I’m still paying off loans/debt that I’ve incurred and I just live like I used to live except I work and live wherever I want.

What does a typical day in your life look like?

I wake up and immediately check my phone for fires, emergencies, or any big news from family and friends. I’ll browse and sift through some emails on the laptop while checking the news, social media, etc.

Afterwards, I’ll get some green tea and start to work. I’l work for a few solid hours and then break for lunch. I’ll take a long leisurely lunch or run some errands, or do something fun like hiking or a few hours at the beach or some other tourist-y activity. Afterwards, I come back and work some more. Maybe I’ll do dinner first and then work for a few more solid hours but my day is: work, break, work, relax and sleep. I can’t really do a solid 8 hours of work in one go unless it’s crunch time with a new release, update, or deadline we have going on.

I wind down again with some reading and maybe a glass of wine or two.

On weekends, I try to be active and explore the area where I’m currently living in.

I move locations every 2-3 months but if I like a place, I’ll stay longer. If I hate a place, I’ll leave as I see fit. There’s no rules to how I live. I do what I want as long as I have my priorities in order.

Do you have any advice for aspiring Digital Nomads?

It’s possible if you really want it.
Don’t be scared and don’t over think too much.
You really don’t need all that “stuff” in your life and you can travel light if you want to.
We need more female digital nomads. Lets get more of us out there ladies.

Any last comments, stories, thoughts that you would like to share?

I have a lot of stories and musings on my blog. One that is popular is the fact that I’m an Asian American female and my recent experience living in Thailand.

People always think, “Isn’t it lonely?”, “What are you running away from?” and that it’s super difficult to travel alone as a female – it isn’t. Just grow some balls and guts and go (just be cautious as you normally are).

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