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I’ve been meaning to write an Ezoic review for a while now. I’ll be completely honest, I haven’t personally used Ezoic on any of my websites, so I’ve enlisted the help of a close friend who has used Ezoic on his financial blog for the past 12 to 18 months.

He’s gone through the process of excitement, to implementation, to a bit of despair, with some nice payouts in between.

So from here on in, you’ll be reading my facts and figures on Ezoic, such as the Ezoic requirements and set up process, but his thoughts and feelings in regards to working directly with Ezoic.

ezoic review

What is Ezoic?

Ezoic is an ad network (amongst other things) that basiaclly allows any publisher, blogger, or website owner to place banner ads on their network to monetize their traffic.

If you are familiar with Google Adsense, Ezoic is a common Adsense alternative.

The “secret sauce” that Ezoic touts is that they have a smarter platform which uses machine learning and large amounts of AI driven data analysis to optimize where the ads are placed on your website, and what size ads work best where.

From a publishers point of view, this could save months (or years) of testing. It also means they start earning more money from their traffic sooner. Sounds like a win-win right?

Ezoic Minimum Traffic Requirements

There is no point in reading further if you don’t meet the Ezoic requirements to join their program.

The main requirement most readers ask us about is in regards to minimum traffic, which is set at 10,000 sessions per month. In saying that, we’ve heard reports of some blogs being accepted with closer to 9,000 sessions per month, so it could be worth rolling the dice and seeing if you get accepted.

If you aren’t at this level yet consider starting to work with a network such as Google AdSense which doesn’t have a minimum traffic level.

The benefit of this is that Ezoic requires you to adhere to Google’s Ad Policy, so getting started with Google Ads is good preparation for getting started with Ezoic.

Other Ezoic Requirements

Other than Ezoics minimum traffic requirement, there are a few other boxes you have to tick in terms of eligibility. They aren’t too onerous, so most blogs should be able to tick these boxes already.

Ezoic VS Adsense

For every ad network we review, we compare it to Google Adsense.

Adsense could be considered the “default” ad network of choice for many bloggers. It has been around for nearly 20 years, is super easy to use, and comes from what was a well trusted and respected company, Google.

Ezoic Review Summary

Overall Ezoic ticks many of the boxes you want from an ad network. It is easy to use, comes with plenty of features, and gives you full control over everything.

The downsides are few: you must have close to 10,000 monthly sessions, and some website owners have complained that Ezoic slows down their website and “places ugly ads everywhere”. As mentioned earlier, we were a little bit dubious about this claim as Ezoic gives you a lot of control, so it may have been an implementation error on behalf of the blog owner.

Ezoic Alternatives

There are a number of Ezoic alternatives available if you are simply looking to place banner ads on your blog. The good news is that some have smaller traffic requirements, but the bad news is that these often mean lower payouts.

Below you’ll find all the ad network reviews our team has written, so start here when looking for an Ezoic alternative.

But, before you look further into banner ads, we highly recommend looking into other more profitable ways to monetize your blog traffic. Start with learning more about our Monetization Method course, it may be exactly what you need.

  • Ezoic Review
    I’ve been meaning to write an Ezoic review for a while now. I’ll be completely honest, I haven’t personally used Ezoic on any of my websites, so I’ve enlisted the help of a close friend who has used Ezoic on his financial blog for the past 12 to 18 months. He’s gone […]

Now, the entire point of the Monetization Method course that I’ve built over the past few years is to teach bloggers how to better monetize their websites, typically without the use of display banners.

So you might be asking, what am I doing writing an Ezoic review? Surely I’m against ad networks such as Ezoic?!

Although I believe there are other (more fruitful) ways to monetize a blog, I still think ad networks such Ezoic have their place.

They are good for remnant inventory (ad space that you couldn’t sell directly to brands), and they are also good for people who are blogging for enjoyment, more so than an income, and are happy settling for a bit less than they could get if they put in a bit more work themselves.

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